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{"identifier":"EX-CONJAZZ5_6315136595112","browse_author":"Kostas Metaxas (Editor (film or video)), Adam Simmons Quartet (Performed by (orchestra, band, ensemble)), Kostas Metaxas (Producer) and Exero (Proprietor (Publisher Bloomsbury Video))","subscription_list":["bvl_musicsch"],"titleByTitle":"Yes","isbn":9781350904590,"description":"Freshly returned from 3 months in New York and Poland (after receiving the Special Award from MCA-Freedman Foundation in 2004), Adam Simmons (multiple saxes, flutes, Shakuhachi and the Slavic Fujara) re-unites with all-original ASQ members Andrew Ogburn (piano) Simon Starr (bass) and Matt Earl (drums) for some feisty and delicate music. Adam Simmons is one of Australia's most prolific and varied artists, whether as an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist performing in a myriad of ensembles, creator of his unique musical sculptures or specialised educator in improvisation, instrumental technique and shakuhachi. Language - English","videoId":6315136595112,"browse_view":"contentTypeBrowsePageIndexView","subscription":"bvl_musicsch","title":"Adam Simmons Incinerator","xml_source":"bvl_musicsch_video-vra.xml","browse_search":"EX-CONJAZZ5","videoPoster":"","series_id":"series_inConcert","facets":"composers , Composers , concertsAndMusicalPerformances , Concerts and musical performances , jazzAndBluesMusic , Jazz and blues music , audience , Audience , backstage , Backstage , popularCulture , Popular culture , schoolsMovementsAndStyles , Schools, movements and styles , made_20002009 , 2000\u20132009 , english , English , australia , Australia , origin_australia , Australia , video , Video , music , Music , artsAndLiterature , Arts and literature , origin_oceania , Oceania , oceania , Oceania , made_2000Present , 2000\u2013present , genresOfMusic , Genres of music ,","contenttypeorder":3,"series":"In Concert","date_of_publication":2005,"publisher":"Adam Simmons Quartet Exero","productname":"bvl_all","id_search":"EX-CONJAZZ5","facet":["artsAndLiterature","audience","australia","backstage","composers","concertsAndMusicalPerformances","english","genresOfMusic","jazzAndBluesMusic","made_20002009","made_2000Present","music","oceania","origin_australia","origin_oceania","popularCulture","schoolsMovementsAndStyles","video"],"contentType":"video","authors":"Kostas Metaxas~Adam Simmons Quartet~Kostas Metaxas~Exero"}

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