Bloomsbury Video Library - One Light Can Be More Than Enough: Live in the UK 2013
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{"identifier":"FD-Livein_6312087151112","browse_author":"Frank Doorhof (Presenter) and Frank Doorhof - Studio FD (Proprietor (Publisher Bloomsbury Video))","subscription_list":["bvl_visartssch"],"titleByTitle":"Yes","isbn":9781350916005,"description":"This video is loaded with tips on model photography and was shot on two stunning locations, the glasshouse in Edinburgh and Studley castle in the UK. Join the group of students in the workshop and see the video in full 1080HD filmed from different angles so you can really see what\u2019s going on. Topics covered include: 1.\tMetering for ambient and flash (Including the tricky spot metering), 2.\tFinding the right location, 3.\tWorking with angles, composition, finding lines and repeating patterns, 4.\tStory telling, 5.\tStyling, coaching the model, 6.\tHow clothing can have a huge impact, 7.\tVintage lenses on modern DSLRs, 8.\tUsing the background, dragging the shutter (using the shutter speed to control the ambient) and much more\u2026. In the video you see Frank Doorhof working with just one strobe and ambient light, you will see that in most cases you really don\u2019t need more. Also on the modifiers he kept it really simple this time no big soft boxes (of course) but nice smaller modifiers that really give the image some POP. This video will give students enough tips and inspiration to get everybody going for a long time. Language - English","videoId":6312087151112,"browse_view":"contentTypeBrowsePageIndexView","subscription":"bvl_visartssch","title":"One Light Can Be More Than Enough: Live in the UK 2013","xml_source":"bvl_visartssch_video-vra.xml","browse_search":"FD-Livein","videoPoster":"","facets":"instructionalPhotographyVideos , Instructional photography videos , lightingAndPhotography , Lighting and photography , photographicComposition , Photographic composition , photographicTechniques , Photographic techniques , photography , Photography , beauty , Beauty , technology , Technology , made_20102019 , 2010\u20132019 , english , English , england , England , scotland , Scotland , origin_netherlands , Netherlands , video , Video , anthropology , Anthropology , origin_europe , Europe , made_2000Present , 2000\u2013present , unitedKingdom , United Kingdom , scienceTechnologyAndNature , Science, technology, and nature , europe , Europe ,","contenttypeorder":3,"date_of_publication":2013,"publisher":"Frank Doorhof - Studio FD","productname":"bvl_all","id_search":"FD-Livein","facet":["anthropology","beauty","england","english","europe","instructionalPhotographyVideos","lightingAndPhotography","made_2000Present","made_20102019","origin_europe","origin_netherlands","photographicComposition","photographicTechniques","photography","scienceTechnologyAndNature","scotland","technology","unitedKingdom","video"],"contentType":"video","authors":"Frank Doorhof~Frank Doorhof - Studio FD"}

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