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{"identifier":"NM-Dreams_6312242767112","browse_author":"Daniel Snyder (Director), Indie Rights Inc (earlier Nelson Medison) (Proprietor (Publisher Bloomsbury Video)) and Daniel Snyder (Screenplay by)","subscription_list":["bvl_filmmediasch"],"titleByTitle":"Yes","isbn":9781350901070,"description":"Dreams on Spec takes an intimate look at how far people will go - and how much they will sacrifice - for the chance to pursue their dreams. This feature-length documentary delves into the lives of three aspiring Hollywood screenwriters as they pour their hearts into their spec scripts, pitch their ideas to anyone who will listen, go to meetings, hold table reads, and work at low-level day-jobs - all in the hopes of one day seeing one of their beloved creations made into a movie. These poignant portraits are intercut with wisdom from a \"Greek Chorus\" of superstar Hollywood creative-types like James L. Brooks, Nora Ephron, Gary Ross,and Carrie Fisherto forge a funny and compelling look at inspiration, creativity, and solitude in the movie industry. Over the last dozen years, Daniel Snyder has written and directed documentaries, news magazine stories, and public radio features. He's traveled around the world for these projects, from Japan's space facility on a remote sub-tropical island in the country's hinterlands to the opera houses of Berlin for a look at their behind-the-scenes feuding to a small town in central California where he interviewed a confessed murderer about her execution-style slaying. In all, Dan has written and directed eight documentaries and been the supervising producer of two documentary series for cable and public television. Language - English","videoId":6312242767112,"browse_view":"contentTypeBrowsePageIndexView","subscription":"bvl_filmmediasch","title":"Dreams on Spec","xml_source":"bvl_filmmediasch_video-vra.xml","browse_search":"NM-Dreams","videoPoster":"","facets":"documentaryFilm , Documentary film , filmmakingAndProduction , Filmmaking and production , filmAndCinema , Film and Cinema , work , Work , made_20002009 , 2000\u20132009 , made_2000Present , 2000\u2013present , english , English , california , California , northAmerica , North America , unitedStates , United States , origin_northAmerica , North America , origin_unitedStates , United States , video , Video , societyAndSocietalIssues , Society and societal issues ,","contenttypeorder":3,"date_of_publication":2007,"publisher":"Indie Rights Inc (earlier Nelson Medison)","productname":"bvl_all","id_search":"NM-Dreams","facet":["california","documentaryFilm","english","filmAndCinema","filmmakingAndProduction","made_20002009","made_2000Present","northAmerica","origin_northAmerica","origin_unitedStates","societyAndSocietalIssues","unitedStates","video","work"],"contentType":"video","authors":"Daniel Snyder~Indie Rights Inc (earlier Nelson Medison)~Daniel Snyder"}

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