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{"identifier":"PI-Dancing_6312187800112","browse_author":"Ubuntu Samaya (Director) and Pippa Samaya (Proprietor (Publisher Bloomsbury Video))","subscription_list":["bvl_dancesch"],"titleByTitle":"Yes","isbn":9781350897045,"description":"This documentary film is about the art and profession of contemporary dance. Exploring not only what it means to be a dancer, but what it means to be human, and how these are intrinsically and intimately woven. -- With footage collected across Australia and Europe and interviews withStephanie Lake, Antony Hamilton, Paea Leach, James Vu Ahn Pham, Lauren Langlois, Tara Jade Soh and Sarah Jayne Howard, it has been beautiful journey indeed. \n \"The more I observe and explore the phenomena that is dance the more I truly see and believe that what dance provides is a visual language for an internal world...the world of human emotion that cannot be seen, but always be felt. And with in this language I have yet to find a dance form in which this is more evident than the globally practiced yet loosely defined genre of contemporary dance.\n These dancers spend their life in vigorous training, challenging and expanding their physical, mental and emotional limitations purely to find ways to better express and communicate the stories, messages and experiences that reflect what it is to be human...using nothing more than their very own human body. It never ceases to strike awe in my spirit when I watch these humans at work.\n \n Finding myself completely immersed and enraptured by these moving bodies, I feel every movement as if it were my own. With a simple flick of a hand or hip bone I can feel my heart jolt. In a graceful leap or twirl I feel it lift and sore and with just a precisely timed flexion of muscle I can feel it rise up my very throat and pour out of my eyes and down my cheeks transformed now into water. Using their body like a magic wand these dancers can trigger emotion inside you through physically becoming and embodying that emotion themselves. Creating a connection between strangers at the most personal level.\" Ubuntu Samaya\n \u201cIn life it is the questions you ask, rather than the answers you possess that really matter\u201d Infused by travels to various eastern cultures from a young age, Pippa has continued to be an explorer of life on a global scale. A strong believer in learning through experience, she continually seeks to expand her heart, mind, spirit and craft. Open to all that arises, Pippa seeks for the quiet details that sew together the colourful variations of this world\u2019s flavours to find the spirit, which connects us all. With an insatiable curiosity in the human condition, Pippa\u2019s professional path has led her into the world of portraiture, international documentary and a specialisation in dance photography. After discovering dance (and dancers) as a physical vessel which enabled her to communicate through external imagery the internal world of the human condition, Pippa has begun on an international project exploring dance across cultures. This move, in turn leads her into the world of moving imagery and so she continues to expand her craft into film. Based now in Melbourne, Australia, after completing a degree in commercial photography at RMIT, Pippa continues to travel interstate and overseas for work and growth alike: always hungry to expand her world and profession. Through her imagery \u2013 be it conceptual or documentary \u2013 Pippa finds the emotive essence of the subject and exposes the simplistic beauty in what is. Language - English","videoId":6312187800112,"browse_view":"contentTypeBrowsePageIndexView","subscription":"bvl_dancesch","title":"Dancing in the Now","xml_source":"bvl_dancesch_video-vra.xml","browse_search":"PI-Dancing","videoPoster":"","facets":"video , Video ,","contenttypeorder":3,"date_of_publication":2015,"productname":"bvl_all","id_search":"PI-Dancing","facet":["video"],"contentType":"video","authors":"Ubuntu Samaya~Pippa Samaya"}

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