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{"isbn":9781350902534,"description":"The Classical Tim Marlow\u2019s main focus is the ancient classical world. He explores how and why the naked body was first depicted and goes on to show how the \u2018Venus de Milo\u2019 and the \u2018Venus of Willendorf\u2019 fit into the context of social and art history. Presenter & Co-writer Tim Marlow Director & Co-writer Phil Grabsky Editors Phil Reynolds & Duncan Weaver Language - English","videoId":6312242259112,"episode":1,"subscription":"bvl_visarts","title":"The Classical","xml_source":"bvl_visarts_video-vra.xml","facets":"appliedArt , Applied art , exhibitionsCataloguesAndCollections , Exhibitions, catalogues and collections , fineArt , Fine art , historyOfArt , History of art , art , Art , nudity , Nudity , classicalArts , Classical arts , artsAndLiterature , Arts and literature , made_20002009 , 2000\u20132009 , made_2000Present , 2000\u2013present , english , English , europe , Europe , origin_europe , Europe , origin_unitedKingdom , United Kingdom , video , Video , anthropology , Anthropology ,","contenttypeorder":3,"productname":"bvl_all","contentType":"video","identifier":"SEV-NudeClass_6312242259112","browse_author":"Phil Grabsky (Director), Duncan Weaver (Editor (film or video)), Phil Reynolds (Editor (film or video)), Tim Marlow (Presenter), Seventh Art Production (Proprietor (Publisher Bloomsbury Video)), Phil Grabsky (Screenplay by) and Tim Marlow (Screenplay by)","subscription_list":["bvl_visarts"],"titleByTitle":"Yes","browse_view":"contentTypeBrowsePageIndexView","browse_search":"SEV-NudeClass","videoPoster":"","series_id":"series_theNudeInArt","series":"The Nude in Art","date_of_publication":2000,"publisher":"Seventh Art Production","id_search":"SEV-NudeClass","facet":["anthropology","appliedArt","art","artsAndLiterature","classicalArts","english","europe","exhibitionsCataloguesAndCollections","fineArt","historyOfArt","made_20002009","made_2000Present","nudity","origin_europe","origin_unitedKingdom","video"],"authors":"Phil Grabsky~Duncan Weaver~Phil Reynolds~Tim Marlow~Seventh Art Production~Phil Grabsky~Tim Marlow"}

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