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{"isbn":9781350910140,"description":"Artists, collectors, and dealers bring to life the art capital of the world, New York, as it plunges into the 21st Century. Featuring Louise Bourgeois, Brice Marden, Chuck Close, Neil Jenney, Elizabeth Murray, Ashley Bickerton, Gary Simmons, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Rirkrit Tiravanija, St. Clair Cemin, Caio Fonseca, Loren Calaway, John Willenbecher, Cletus Johnson, Emma Amos, Pat Steir, Maura Sheehan, Ivan Karp, Jay Gorney, Matthew Marks, Jerry Saltz, Herb and Dorothy Vogel and others, the film discusses inspiration, aesthetics, and the meaning of success. Music by Tom Waits, Ryuichi Sakamoto, George van Eps, Piero Umiliani with Chet Baker. Producers, Chris Maybach, Paul Gardner; director, Chris Maybach. Music by Tom Waits, Ronnie Jordan, Piero Umiliani with Chet Baker, Ryuichi Sakamoto, George Van Eps, and the Don Braden Quintet.;Artists: Louise Bourgeois, Michael Ray Charles, Elizabeth Peyton, Ed Ruscha, Lari Pittman, Richmond Burton, David Deutsch, Dave Hickey, Marcia Tucker, Richard Tuttle, Agnes Martin, John Baldessari, Amy Adler, Robert Williams, Joan Snyder, Mike Bidlo, Carolyn Martin. Language - English","videoId":6312280682112,"episode":1,"subscription":"bvl_visartssch","title":"Making it in Manhattan, Contemporary Artists in New York","xml_source":"bvl_visartssch_video-vra.xml","facets":"appliedArt , Applied art , fineArt , Fine art , documentaryFilm , Documentary film , art , Art , artsAndLiterature , Arts and literature , _2000Present , 2000\u2013present , made_20002009 , 2000\u20132009 , made_2000Present , 2000\u2013present , english , English , newYorkCity , New York City , northAmerica , North America , unitedStates , United States , origin_northAmerica , North America , origin_unitedStates , United States , video , Video , filmAndCinema , Film and Cinema ,","contenttypeorder":3,"productname":"bvl_all","contentType":"video","identifier":"_12F-ArtCity1_6312280682112","browse_author":"Chris Maybach (Director), Chris Maybach (Producer), Paul Gardner (Producer) and Twelve Films (Proprietor (Publisher Bloomsbury Video))","subscription_list":["bvl_visartssch"],"titleByTitle":"Yes","browse_view":"contentTypeBrowsePageIndexView","browse_search":"_12F-ArtCity1","videoPoster":"","series_id":"series_artCity","series":"Art City","date_of_publication":2002,"publisher":"Twelve Films","id_search":"_12F-ArtCity1","facet":["_2000Present","appliedArt","art","artsAndLiterature","documentaryFilm","english","filmAndCinema","fineArt","made_20002009","made_2000Present","newYorkCity","northAmerica","origin_northAmerica","origin_unitedStates","unitedStates","video"],"authors":"Chris Maybach~Chris Maybach~Paul Gardner~Twelve Films"}

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